Potential Businesses

Why Is Marijuana One Of The Most Potential Businesses In The United States?

One of the most critical aspects when launching a company is to find a niche in which there are business opportunities to achieve success. And in the United States, a significant one has appeared: legal marijuana.

The truth is that marijuana seems to be more fashionable than ever: its legalization for recreational or medical use in some parts – for now, mostly in the US – has meant that appear all kinds of commercial initiatives that allow taking advantage of that popularity.

That’s why entrepreneurs and companies do not want to lose their piece of cake in a market that has just started, and that could be one of the most lucrative short-term of the moment.

Startups see a niche

The results of Poseidon Asset Management demonstrate this, an investment fund whose portfolio, which is more volatile than usual, is based on companies dedicated to the cannabis industry, in which a minimum of $ 100,000 must be invested, but in 2014 it already grew 67% in value, six times more than the S & P 500 index did.

The ideas associated with this fund are the most diverse, from companies that manufacture hydroponic lamps or vaporizers to harvest with the latest technology or social networks such as Weedist, calling itself “the community of cannabis connoisseurs.”

That’s why the marijuana business is already huge in the United States, where 40,000 million dollars are moved -mostly, not legal- around this substance that is consumed “for recreational, religious and medicinal purposes,” and that according to the UN is the most used illicit substance in the world.

And according to data from The ArcView Group with its publication, “The State of Legal Marijuana Markets,” it is estimated that legal cannabis sales will grow by 35% in 2017, while in 2019 that figure will reach 10,800 million dollars.