Global Marijuana March
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The Global Marijuana March (GMM) (formerly known as the Million Marijuana March,) is the name given to the many annual international pro-cannabis rallies and marches that take place on or around each first Saturday of May. Started by Cures-Not-Wars founder Dana Beal, what once started as a tradition in New York City has grown to over 200 participating cities world-wide. Every year, the North Carolina Cannabis Association organizes a rally and free concert for the Global Marijuana March in downtown Raleigh on or near the grounds of the North Carolina State Capitol Building. The rally is a fun and peaceful gathering through which pro-cannabis supporters from all backgrounds and political viewpoints can put aside their differences and come together to voice their message. Much help is needed from volunteers and donors to ensure that the Raleigh Global Marijuana March continues to grow.

Here’s what you can do to get started:

First, choose an area where you can help:

Spreading the word
Helping with the music & entertainment
Painting the NCSU & Duke free expression tunnel
Setting up and cleaning up
Increasing media publicity & coverage

Global Marijuana March

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