So You Want to Form an Organization?
This project aims to assist individuals and groups to form their own grassroots organizations by offering educational tools, free web site design, and membership in the North Carolina Cannabis Association.

State-Wide Bulletin Board Network
The goal of this project is to create an accurate and updated list of maps detailing the locations of bulletin boards on college campuses, city parks, and other pedestrian areas. These maps will be available to print out for use in flyering campaigns.

Flyering Campaigns
The NCCA needs to advertise to the people, and this project is an effective way to reach them. Volunteers–some with help from bulletin board maps–put up flyers on bulletin boards across the state in general and targeted campaigns.

Fundraising Planner
In order to operate and grow, the North Carolina Cannabis Association needs funds. This projects is designed for the purpose of organizing and executing successful fundraisers such as benefit concerts, hemp-treat sales, and others.

Global Marijuana March
Each year, the NCCA organizes the Raleigh Global Marijuana March. It takes place at or near the NC State Capitol Building in downtown Raleigh. Volunteers are needed to help in many areas to ensure that this fun and peaceful protest will be a success.