The Boom Of The Stores To Grow Marijuana

The Boom Of The Stores To Grow Marijuana

Although planting this species is prohibited in Chile, “seeds of collection” can be commercialized.

At craft fairs, shopping malls and shops in the heart of the city, it is no longer strange to find grow shops, growing shops focused mainly on marijuana. If you search on Google, it is possible to locate about 80 in the Metropolitan Region, but there are many more.

“In Santiago, there are approximately 500, some little ones. There was an explosion between 2014 and 2015, where everyone thought that this was the panacea business, “explains Manuel Genovese, owner of Growshop Chile. “Before there were 30 of us, for giving you a case. Now 500 “, reaffirms Pablo Palacios, who opened his store Flor de Cultivo in 2012.

The vast proliferation of these places could surprise since in Chile the cultivation of this plant is penalized by Law 20,000.

“You have to do all the paperwork in the municipality like any business and place the codes of what you want to sell,” says Palacios. “There is nothing special about having this type of store,” he adds, adding that they are controlled by the Internal Revenue Service, like all businesses. “It’s opening a garden store bazaar shop, which is our business,” adds Genovese.

Fertilizers, cultivation cabinets, pipes, bongs, lighters, grinders, and vaporizers are some of the products offered by these stores. “Fertilizers have the sanitary resolution, the Superintendence of Electricity and Fuels certifies electrical equipment, everything has a legal process of entry into Chile and commercialization,” Genovese says.

The Business Of Legal Marijuana, Hershey chocolate factory will become medical marijuana factory

Marijuana for medicinal uses is legalized in several parts of the world and is generating new business opportunities, entirely new that is even saving the local economy of individual cities.

That is precisely what is happening in Canada where the medical use of marijuana has been legalized since 2001, and now that business has come to save a town in Eastern Ontario, Canada where a factory of Hershey chocolates has closed causing the loss of a series of jobs in the city.

As reported by Reuters, now the company Tweed Inc. plans to buy this chocolate factory to convert it into production and processing of medical marijuana.

The authorities of that locality, Smith Falls, see that inauspicious project form since they understand that that medicinal marijuana plant will come to save the local economy.

They are new times and new businesses that previously would have been impossible even to imagine.

The legal gaps that exist in areas highly regulated by legislation are usually unique niches to find new businesses because there is little competition given that entry barriers are very high.

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